happy birthday, avô João

in my heart, you will forever be the resemblence of these first days of Spring – the gentle sunlight on my cheeks before I wake up, the late sunset after so many darker days, the colors of flowers about to bloom, the smell of gardens and trees, the hopes and wishes for simple, warm, and beautiful days.

in my heart, you will forever be the embodiment of wisdom, humbleness, kindness, generosity. your book collection is my favorite in the entire globe. it makes me believe that everything I need to know about the world around me is there – the history, the humanity, the animals, the seas, the lands, the rivers, the boats, the airplanes. your thirst for knowledge is one of the things that inspire me the most in life. there’s this sense of unfinished being that I must got from you. in fact, as the years go by I still found myself realising how similar we are. much more than my younger version would’ve thought. from the outside, people wouldn’t believe how much of your nature I have inside of me.

a kiss on my forehead before you leave.

happy birthday, avô João <3

Inês Nobre
Um blog sobre o que mais me apaixona, como melhor me sei expressar - pela moda e pela escrita.

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