lessons from 2022

12 lessons that 2022 taught me

therapy is life-changing – it’s painful, but magical. I’ve always felt like I already had some knowledge of who I am, what I need to work on, what traumas do I have, what boundaries do I need to set, but therapy unlocks so many doors. it was by far my greatest investment of 2022;

being my best version is easier when I’m taking good care of myself. that’s when my everyday choices reflect my best self. my mind and my body are my home – they are my responsibility. self care has many different shapes, from a walk in nature to a morning in bed;

consistency is more important than perfection. this applies to so many things – health choices, relationships, hobbies. perfectionism is actually a defense mechanism because I’m afraid of failing (because of what failing means to me. again, therapy);

to appreciate how temporary everything is. realizing that the same moment doesn’t happen twice – from a dinner with my family to a conversation with a stranger – helps me feel more present, optimistic and grateful;

good friends make life so much more fun – keeping them close is one of my greatest achievements;

vision boards are great to keep focus on making my dreams come true. my vision boards are a daily reminder of how I want my life to be and drive me to make better decisions in order to achieve that life;

comparison – specially online comparison – can make a good day turn into a shitty one in a matter of seconds. it’s important to remember that online content is a curated version of things, sometimes with great effort – it doesn’t make my life any less;

being burnt out doesn’t mean I failed. it means I stopped showing up for myself because I was too busy showing up for others;

I still have a lot of time to make myself be what I want to be – but I must start now. every day is a new opportunity to do whatever I want to do with my life, and that’s where my focus should be;

– everyone needs external validation every now and then, but my value doesn’t change if my perception of myself doesn’t exactly match other’s perceptions of me – it’s amazing when they do match, but sometimes they don’t. and that’s okay;

to write every idea before it slips away, even if it seems silly later (most times it does). I can’t tell you how many pages I’d written if I noted down anything that comes to my mind before I fall asleep;

sunday mornings are the best time of the week. that’s it. that’s the lesson.

this year was a rollercoaster – a good one, in the end. happy new year! 🙂

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